Get creative with eggplant recipes

St. Louis Post-Dispatch

Purple and bulbous with a neat green cap, eggplant is a funny-looking thing. And sometimes when you eat it, it makes your mouth itch.

No wonder people avoided eating it for centuries. It is a member of the nightshade family, and people reasoned that it must be poisonous.

But somewhere, at some time, someone took this bizarrely shaped fruit with the evocative emoji and fried it in a little oil with garlic and probably added a tomato sauce – and a whole new culinary world opened up to glorious exploration.

It also happens to be still in season, though the window for straight-from-your-garden eggplant is quickly shutting. Fortunately, through the magic of science and modern transportation, eggplant is available throughout the year.

And that is good, because I eat it throughout the year.

This particular week, I ate it five different ways.

I began with a classic, Eggplant Parmesan, and then got more inter­esting. though some of the other selections are going to get a little weird.