English Food Making A Great Culinary Comeback

There was a time not to far back when culinary experts and critics alike would actually have little good to say about English food, the new and interesting food personalities that are coming out of this area are trying to change this one old school dish at a time. The food of this area was often referred to food for need rather than a culinary delight.

Foods that were served to fill your belly were far more important than foods that would grace the cover of a fine dining magazine. These old school foods are now happily being recreated in the young bold energetic chef’s kitchens by the handful.

A once a stale and unappealing recipe, has been reintroduced for fine dining critics worldwide. This can mean something as old world as blood pudding or Yorkshire pudding, being recreated and reintroduced as a dish for the picky. It is these transformations that are making it hard for the rest of the culinary world to ignore the area.

A New Thought Prompts A New Dish

One of the first things that you will notice about some of the newer food personalities that deal with English food is that they all have new ideas on how things are to be done. What this does is actually make it so there is always a myriad of ways that something can be prepared or showcased. While someone on this side may elect to fry something, another chef may chose to grill the same item. It is all a matter of how the chef wants things done and what they are looking for in the recipe’s final outcome. Good food never needs to get a makeover, but for some the desire to try something new is simply too hard to resist.

This means that when it comes to English food and what is available, you can be sure that some of the recipes that your mother or grandmother use to make will not look or taste the same today. The introduction of certain spices or cooking methods can also help reshape what was once familiar.

For The Love Of Food

These new exciting chefs are not taking this old school English food and changing it because they think the recipe is bad, they are changing it for the love of food and feel that the recipe needs to be updated for more enjoyment. Sometimes things can become dated and this includes recipes. When the chef gets a hold of it and things that it needs something, this is usually where the dish starts to transform. A restaurant on one side of the street may find the recipe fine, while the other side of the street the eatery serves the same thing with a facelift.

Recipes are primarily a matter of taste and opinion. Not everyone thinks the same and not everyone finds specific tastes appealing. The changing of English food for today is simply not what it was 30-50 years ago.

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