Bill Moeller Commentary: Needed: A Senior Citizens Cookbook

By Monthly bill Moeller / For The Chronicle

A person draw back to rising older is that when you arrive at your 80s, and even your 90s, some of the items and methods you remember fondly have disappeared.  

If they have not done so immediately, it could even now seem to be as if they have.  

Here’s my private encounter with that circumstance. Each and every so typically around the latest several years, I’ve remembered the occasional macaroni and cheese suppers that we experienced when I was younger and, finally, I wished to recreate not only them but also my very own thoughts of individual satisfaction.  The very first phase would, of study course, be to find all the wanted components, right? Simple, proper?  


You see, what we utilised to call macaroni — in the Moeller quarter-block plantation we occupied — ended up essentially “noodles,” and therein lies the challenge.  

Every time I went to the nearby chain shop to acquire “macaroni,” I generally came again residence empty-handed. Those “macaroni” just weren’t there on the cabinets.  Oh, there were tiny tubular points in a variety of shapes but never— I say never — was there any pasta of the form I preferred on screen!  

Immediately after various makes an attempt to uncover what I was searching for on the cabinets I typically searched, I went against my normal emotions of community loyalty and drove to the Walmart retail outlet in a close by metropolis exactly where I located some.

The subsequent stage was to come across the outdated recipe for macaroni and cheese in my kitchen area documents and find that I, apparently, by no means had one particular.

A guide I located at a garden sale, “Joy of Cooking,” experienced just one, but it was much much too intricate with a huge range of elements required. So I went online for a basic model and observed one termed “Campbell Soup Macaroni and Cheese.” 

In putting all the “simple” substances jointly, I missed viewing the part that said “cooked” macaroni — and so I experienced to fish as many parts of them as I could out of the bowl of other ingredients I’d presently combined collectively. Immediately after cooking the macaroni, I mixed them back into the other ingredients and then set all the things into the oven.

The eventual outcome can only be positioned in the group of “all appropriate, I guess” thanks — likely — to the point that challenging and dry “ribbon style” of what I named macaroni did not cook as effectively as I remembered.  

I suppose I could have made a tuna noodle dinner rather, if it was not for the actuality that it likely would have turned out just as marginal.  You see, each and every recipe I’ve occur across for that dish calls for two 4-ounce cans of tuna. Have you looked closely at a tuna fish can recently? These 4-ounce cans have been quietly lowered to 3-ounce cans! I’ll guess you haven’t been mindful of that, have you?

Altering the matter, when was the very last time you saw a person of these “wringer” contraptions on a washing device? Keep in mind them? For the youthful visitors, they were being gadgets consisting of two close tricky-rubber pieces that appeared like rolling pins with the purpose of squeezing the h2o out of your apparel, sheets, diapers, and many others., following the washer aspect of the undertaking had been done.  Spinning the drinking water out of them hadn’t been invented nevertheless.

Yes, you younger mother and father, diapers ended up certainly washed and reused alternatively of tossed into a garbage can to be hauled away by an individual else again in people days.  

As a subject of reality, when the youngster had outgrown them, they were often washed and then neatly folded to be employed for a person — or it’s possible more — future “blessed arrivals” in the family members.  These primitive gadgets could be harmful, too. My spouse, Frances, as soon as got her hand caught in the wringer of our washer at a time when I was absent at operate. It took extra than a week for the suffering to entirely go away.


Monthly bill Moeller is a former entertainer, mayor, bookstore owner, city council member, paratrooper and pilot residing in Centralia. He can be reached at [email protected].