When You Stop Learning, You Stop Earning!

I’m sure if I coined these phases but I think that I did. Go ahead and use them if you like.

“When you STOP LEARNING, you STOP EARNING!” – Dave Cook

“Life is like a puzzle, you just have to figure what you want the picture to look like and then you have to go find the pieces” – Dave Cook

Now ain’t those profound. Great grammar, huh. Man, I’m on a roll. LOL

Seriously, now Dawn was always into reading but I just couldn’t seem to do it for pleasure until the last few years. Now I thrive for more knowledge and books are a great resource. You can even go to the library and get them on CD’s. These are great for when you are in the car and guess what, you’re getting smarter while you drive.

A while back I read a book that I loved! It’s called SHUT UP, STOP WHINING & GET A LIFE – by Larry Winget. Now Larry is known as the “Pitbull” of Personal Development and he lives up to this title. One to the things I found amazing in this book was the following. According to the American Bookseller Association:

· 80% of Americans did not buy or read a book this year.
· 70% of American adults have not been in a bookstore in the last 5 years.
· 58% of American adults never read a book after high school.
· 42% of University graduates never read another book.

Can you believe that! WOW! I’m still amazed while I’m writing this.

Now, here are some good examples of Larry’s writings. Well are ready?

* In order to make positive changes in your life, you must first have to get negative about your life.
* 3 Reasons People Are Not Successful. 1. They’re Stupid 2. They’re Lazy 3. They just don’t give a Damn.
* If your life Sucks, it is because You Suck. (Don’t hold back Larry! lol)
* Knowledge is Not Power. It is the Implementation of Knowledge that is Power.

Come on Larry, tell us what you really think. Isn’t this guy great! I love people that don’t pull any punches and tell it like is. That’s why I like guys like Donald Trump, Gene Simons and Howard Stern. These guys don’t care what other people think of them at all. That’s why they are SUCCESSFUL. ALPHA LEADERS like these guys don’t give a rat what people think and that’s is what attracts other people to them. They are true leaders and not followers.

Now let’s just say you decide to join a Network Market business. What are your friends, family and co-workers going to think? WHO CARES!

Are they successful, have they ever took any chances in life, are they making or even have a chance to make up to 6 to 7 figures incomes in a year, do they hang around millionaires. If not, then why should you care what they think. We all have these people in our lives and they are nothing but DREAM CRUSHERS!

Will you do me a favor. Whatever you decide from this day forward, only do it for ONE PERSON. Do it for yourself because if you can see it, you can achieve it. I know, that one is corny but it really works.

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