The Advantages and Disadvantages of Playing Cooking Games

Ten years ago, the only cooking games children knew made use of kitchen sets and easy-bake kits. Today, cooking games for girls are available online, and parents do not have to worry about little pots and pans scattered across the floor. But what is most impressive about today’s game dynamics is that it teaches children more than just using their imagination. Aside from realistically instructing them about how to prepare certain meals, with the rules and challenges that have been applied, the kids’ analytical and problem solving skills are also sharpened.

In addition, cooking games online are more affordable than getting plastic toys. Most of them can be downloaded and installed for free. So it doesn’t matter if you get her ten or twenty games, because it will not be a burden to you financially. And unlike those plastic sets that eventually get broken or lost, online games are sustainable. They can be reinstalled again if the family computer is reformatted or if there are errors in the software’s function.

Moreover, with online cooking games for girls, you can trust that your child is just staying at home and not wondering around. You can’t keep your eye on her when she steps out of the house to visit a neighbour so they can play with Barbie dolls and cooking toys. And you can’t access her that easily, either, when she is staying over at her friend’s place. With this entertainment tool, you can rest your mind and not compromise her enjoyment.

Finally, online games make a good bargaining chip when you want your kid to do something for you – whether it is to help you clean the house or to eat her vegetables. And it may even encourage her to be more interested in household chores, particularly when preparing meals, since it is what she excels in, virtually.

Of course, online games are not perfect, and they do come with a set of disadvantages as well. As most of you already know, they can be addicting; which means, your kid could spend more than 12 hours a day playing cooking games and trying to complete stages. As health experts have emphasized, this is an unhealthy practice, especially considering the fact that children need sunlight and exercise in order to keep their bodies healthy and functioning properly. Psychologists also raise a red flag with the social isolation computer games impose. And there are some researchers who warn people about the adverse effects of prolonged UV exposure. There is also that risk that playing cooking games for girls would lead them to other gaming options that are sordid in nature. However, with conscious regulation coming from authority figures, these downsides should not pose too much of a problem for parents.

As a pre-emptive measure, make sure to establish a specific playing schedule for your kids, so that they won’t go overboard with the activity. Be participative in what they’re doing as well, so you know if they are still engaged in something acceptable. In addition, get them interested in physical activities, so they don’t just obsess over computer games.

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