New Moms – Take Care of Yourself

It is easy for new moms to overlook taking care of themselves after the birth of their babies, and this is understandable. It is understandable because they are caught up with making sure that their little one’s needs and wants are met. However, taking care of themselves is part of taking care of the baby. Therefore, here are a few simple, and non-time-consuming suggestions that are helpful to new moms in this area.

Eat Regularly and Properly

Of course, it is always important to eat regularly and properly, but sometimes we may skip a meal here, and there and we may substitute a glass of water for a pop. However, doing these things are not a good idea, and it certainly should be avoided after giving birth, and even more so, if they are breastfeeding. Three square meals a day and snacks in between are usually recommended by health authorities. This is to keep an individual healthy and strong. Foods such as fish, liver, berries, nuts, potatoes, water, dark chocolate, spinach, and carrots are just some of the foods that should be a part of their regular diet. Eat foods that will give strength and energy for the day, and if necessary, eat foods that will help in producing breast milk. Foods such as pumpkin, cabbage, and chicken.

Drink milk, juice, water, soup, while breastfeeding

If breastfeeding, while in the act of it, drinking milk, juice, water, or soup, is healthy, and a good way to multitask. Of course, if they prefer to eat immediately before, or after feeding the babies that’s quite okay. The healthier they are the better it is all around. If a mom is not breastfeeding, drinking milk, juice, water, and soup should still be taken anytime during the day. They can be eaten as a snack or a part of a larger meal.

Use multivitamins

Multivitamins can be purchase over the counter and there are a lot of them out there. However, it is a good idea to talk with one’s physician first, before purchasing any. The physician may recommend folic acid and vitamins with iron. Of course, they are to be used in addition to healthy eating and exercising.

Rest when babies rest

It is very tempting to get any and everything done when the babies are asleep. The house may need cleaning, emails, and phone calls need to be attended to, and the list can go on. When the babies are awake, it may be a bit difficult to do these things, and thus the desire to do them when they are asleep. However, it is particularly important to rest when the babies are resting because they may not get the chance to do so when they are awake.

There is only so much lack of sleep and overall lack of care that the body can take before one finds oneself falling to sleep at the most inconvenient time and falling ill. It is especially important to take care of oneself, especially after giving birth.

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