How to Make Mummy Cupcakes

It’s usually an enjoyable and fun time for kids at Halloween nights as they love to dress up in scary clothes. The cut out pumpkin lamps and shady areas are all set creatively to add to the horror flick of the night. To bring about the dish with salt’ n’ pepper even the food and snacks are created with Halloween scary themes. Mummy cup cakes are a favorite with children on such funky nights. Want to make them to scare treat your guests, simply follow these steps:

Collect all the ingredients you will need to make the cakes.

Ingredients for the cake:

o ½ cup butter or margarine
o ¾ cup sugar
o 3 eggs or ½ tsp condensed milk
o ½ tsp vanilla essence( you can add essence as per your choice)
o 1 cup heaped flour
o 1 tsp baking powder
o Grated chocolate, few nuts and cherries to enhance taste

Mix butter and sugar in a bowl and beat till it’s a little fluffy. Add vanilla essence to it and beat well again. Add sieved flour and baking powder to the batter of butter and sugar. Blend till you find the batter light. Keep the batter aside for some time. In the meanwhile preheat oven at 200 degree and grease you cupcake mould with little oil or butter.

Place the liners in the mould for each cupcake separately. Add nuts, raisins, egg and grated chocolate to the batter and pour in the moulds.

Heat the cake in the oven for 20-25 minutes.

Filling for cupcakes:

o Prepare fill in for cupcakes with butter, egg white, vanilla essence and melted chocolate. Stir these together till a little light and fluffy.

o When cupcakes are ready and cool, cut them from centre and fill up. Close up again with other half and get ready for icing.

Ingredients for icing:

o ¾ cup butter
o ¾ cup icing sugar
o Some dark melted chocolate

o Combine these for icing of cupcakes and similarly prepare white icing with white melted chocolate for striped bandages of mummy.

Blend all the ingredients well and beat till fluffy. Put the white butter cream icing in the icing bag with broad nozzle and lay thick overlapping strips as of a mummy. Lay multicolored crackle balls in place for eyes. Ice the cup cakes for 4-5 hours to get proper effect and taste.

o You can try different fillings and flavors such as jam, mashed fruits and crushed walnut in the cupcake.

o Do not overuse baking powder as it flattens the cake.

o It’s good to prepare them in the morning for best taste at night.

o Save time by mixing the fill-ins in the batter for creamier taste and just icing would do the rest.

o You can also put chocolate balls with white dots of icing in place for eyes.

o Keep a check on the oven while baking cupcakes as over heating would burn up your Halloween treat.

o Remember the crackle eyes might produce noises in your guest mouth.
You are all set for hosting the treat with these fabulous mummy cupcakes. They are the most hunted desserts at Halloween nights as children find it absolutely amusing to eat these scary treats.

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