How to Make a Sweet Teriyaki Sauce For Shabu Shabu Cooking

If you want to make a sweet teriyaki sauce for Japanese cooking this article will be a great help! Many people think it’s hard to make teriyaki sauce and go for the easy option of buying a bottle. Don’t give up – it really is quite easy to make your own.

Of all the Japanese recipes and cooking styles my favourite is shabu shabu pot cooking. This is a one pan form of cooking and is very sociable. Many different shabu shabu cooking sauces are used and teriyaki sauce is one of the best in my view.

The most basic and easy to make teriyaki sauce is quite simply a mix of soy sauce and mirin, a sweet rice wine. If you don’t have or can’t find mirin a simple substitute is good old sake with a dash of sugar. The amount of sugar you need to add of course can be varied to your taste.

How we use these ingredients to make teriyaki sauce is also very easy. Simply combine the ingredients in a pan and warm gently over a low heat. After a couple of minutes, remove the pan and allow the mixture to cool. We have now created our own sauce! It can be kept in a bottle in the fridge until ready to use.

I know many people will be shocked at how easy it is to make this delicious sauce but that’s really all there is to it. In my shabu shabu pot cooking this sauce is absolutely perfect as a dipping sauce with a range of meats including beef. Some people like to add a little ginger or garlic to their teriyaki sauce but I prefer to keep it simple. Simplicity is key to Japanese cooking and in particular shabu shabu pot cooking. Quality ingredients also play a major part so to make the best teriyaki sauce use the best soy sauce and mirin or sake you can find.

Teriyaki is of course is also wonderful as a marinade. You can marinade meat or fish in it and infuse it with the wonderful flavour of this classic Japanese sauce.

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