Hotels in Saputara – Picture of India

Saputara hill station is one of the most beautiful places in India. It is a delightful destination in India and densely wooded only hill station town situated in the southern tip of Gujarat, India. It is one of the most popular places in the India. Many visitors come from Aboard and India to make their adventures holidays. Swimming pools, club, ropeways, boating parks are the best attraction of satputara. It is about 170 kilometers from Surat and about 80 kilometers from Nasik. Weather condition of Saputara is really fantastic. The climate ois mostly cool throughout the year. Monsoon rain adds to the thrilling of saputara.

The attractive city of India offers many accommodation options. Uoy can find planty of luxurious hotels and standard hotels. Most of the visitors come here to see the real beauty of nature. People don’t forget to look such place like saputara lake, Hatgadh Fort, Honey bees Center. Saputara lake is one of the place where you can breathe fresh air while enjoing your holiday.

There are lots of luxury and budgeted hotels in saputara. It is totally depend on your needs and plan. Hotel Patang, Hotel Savshanti Lake, Hotel Anando, Hotel Chitrakoot are the most luxuries hotels in saputara. you can enjoy with your family members. Whole city is situated around the lake. It is basically a highlands and at an approach of about 100cm from sea level. It is a small town, which consists of verites of food items like corn, Wada Pav, Pav Bhaji, Samosa, Poha, beverages like; juice, tea, coffee, Limbu pani, orange, Soda, etc. There is also chemist store.There is also stalls of toys, books and cloths.

Tourists places in saputara:
There are many places of Saputara which attracts the people of India and Abroad like Hatgadh Fort, Honey Bees Centre, Lake View Garden, Museum, Nageshwar Temple, Purna Sanctuary. Some of the places where you can enjoy are:Artists Village, Boating Club, Echo Point, Forest Nursery, Forest Log huts.

There are various places which are worth-watching and will give you complete value for tour expense. Those lookout places or places of interest are: Artists Village, Boating Club, Echo Point, Forest Nursery,Forest Log huts, Hatgadh Fort, Honey Bees Centre, Lake View Garden, Museum, Nageshwar Temple, Purna Sanctuary.

Some of the nearest places of saputara are:

  • Botanical Garden: It is 49 kms. Far from saputara. It a big garden where you can find verities of bamboo.
  • Mahal Forest: Its situated in about 68 kms fromsaputara.
  • Ambapada: Its situated in about 48 kms.
  • Girmal Falls: It is around 85 kms far from saputara.

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