Eat Your Way Out of Financial Pain With Two Foods

Creating a family food budget may help ease the financial pain your family is going through. There are many reasons why people create food budgets, whatever your reason is this article will help. The secret about creating a food budget is knowing what your family likes to eat and creating it at home.

Think back to all the restaurants your family ate at, what did they order. From the list of foods they ordered there is going to be foods you simply can not afford to create at home, but there will also be choices your family made that you will be able to make at home for very little money. Financial pain is something no family wants to feel. Today everywhere you go there is advertising about how your pain can be eased by using various services. This article will give you tips on how to ease the financial pain you are feeling for free.

The first tip is to learn how to make food using flour. A five-pound bag of flour currently costs only a couple dollars. Flour can be used to make a large variety of foods. You can make pizza dough, pancakes, waffles, french bread, crackers, sticky buns, cake, etc… these are all simple foods with flour as the main ingredient. There is a reason why flour is a comfort food. It can help ease financial pain.

The second tip is learn to cook with chicken. If your family like to eat a substantial amount of meat then chicken can be the hero to your budget. The thigh with leg attached is one of the most inexpensive meats you can find. If your family likes fried chicken then simply cut the meat into pieces coat the chicken and fry. There are a lot of recipes online to teach you how to fry chicken. If you prefer to keep the fat content of a meal to a minimum then you can coat chicken with corn flakes, or crackers. First add your favorite spices to the coating before you add the chicken. Now it can be baked and served with real vegetables such as carrots.

The third tip is a combination of the first two. Leftovers are an essential way to create more meals from what you already have. Studies have shown families throw away 14% of their food budget. Learning to use leftovers can have a significant impact financially. Here are a couple ways to combine the first two tips. Chicken and waffles. These two foods work very well together, the savory of the bread and sweetness for syrup really work. Chicken can be used as a topping on pizza. Restaurants use chicken instead of pork or beef as a topping, give it a try.

By Rick Henderson

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