Cornbread and Milk Is the Snack You Need to Know About

It truly is like cereal, but with leftover cornbread.

It can difficult to wrap your head around just how enormous the United States is. You can uncover abnormal regional foods in every single corner of the nation, from New Orleans to Cincinnati. Just about every spot has its very own fashion, traditions and lifestyle.

And that goes for foods, much too. Head to the coronary heart of the Appalachian South for cornbread and milk, a basic snack that you can make with leftover cornbread. It may possibly be the ideal thing we have read about these days, however we’re not positive something can conquer the pineapple sandwich.

How Did This Turn out to be a Snack?

No a single is just sure of its origin. Some people today have theorized that cornbread and milk, also referred to as “crumble in” or “crumb-in,” was a way for farmers and their families to continue to be fed all through food items shortages. Other people agree that it could have risen from southern persons seeking to revive stale or dried-out cornbread. Both that, or they had been just wanting for a way to give their glass of milk a little anything else. I get it—we applied to dip toast in our chocolate milk as young children!

Uncover the ideal cornbread blend for your baking style.

How to Take in Cornbread and Milk

Imagine of it as cereal. You acquire leftover cornbread and crumble it into a glass. Next, add your milk of option. Customarily, a single would use buttermilk or contemporary cow’s milk for a tiny bit of sweetness. Then, you just use a spoon and take in to your heart’s articles (and ahead of it gets far too mushy).

Cornbread and milk is often served in a glass. Some insert inexperienced onions, salt or pepper. Some even insert a little bit a lot more sugar or honey, though we believe premium home made cornbread is the ideal total of sweet. No matter if this snack is old or new, we think it’s time you handle yourself!

Means to Make Cornbread from Scratch