Australian King Parrot

The Australia King Parrots are a medium size parrot and as the name would suggest native to Australia. They are the largest of the local Australian brightly colored Parrots. By far they are Australia’s largest parrot measuring sixteen to seventeen inches in length and weighing seven to eight ounces. This Parrot is a particularly robust and hearty bird; their life span in captivity can average from twenty to twenty-five years.

The Australia King Parrots are also known as The King Lory, Queensland King, Southern King Parrot, Australian King, and The Eastern King. The Australia King Parrots are inhabitants of Australia’s coastal mountains, and forests regions of Queensland, Victoria, and New South Wales. While the wild birds are largely seen in the eastern regions of Australia, wild King Parrots are commonly seen in populated areas such as parks and gardens.

In the wild the Australian King Parrots eat fruits, berries, seeds and small insects. During the early morning and late afternoon the wild Australian King Parrot can be seen in groups of three to five flying to their daily feeding grounds. They have been known to destroy orchards and corn crops. Most farmers consider them to be largely pests.

The birds have been known to have a preference for the fruit of the white cedar tree. It is very common to see them eating ripe kiwi fruit, figs and eucalyptus pod seeds. When kept in captivity, they typically eat commercial bird food from a feeding tray. Their diet can be supplemented with passion fruit, kiwi fruit, sunflower seeds and fresh corn on the cob. They seem to favor early morning feedings.

The birds are not known to being overly affectionate, and may not take to being handled very well. However, the birds are not in any way anti-social. In fact they seem to enjoy interacting with their caretakers. The birds are an excellent alternative to more vocal Parrots. They are quiet Parrots and tend not to scream making them highly sought after due to their good nature. While not the best talkers among parrots, they can learn to say a few words. When they vocalize, owners are entertained with their very pleasant chatter and whistles.

Often described as beautiful, the Australian King Parrots have a very visible color pattern. It consists of a color combination of largely reds and greens. The male’s heads are fiery red in color while the female’s heads and breasts are green. Both sexes generally have read bellies and green color trailing down their tails and onto their wings. The back and wings usually have a dark green coloration with lighter green patch across the shoulders.

Keep in mind they are a curious and intelligent bird. They will need a large cage to keep them active. As mentioned earlier they are hearty bird and they need to be exercised outside the cage daily. Standard exercise for this bird consists of three to four hours outside the cage so give them a lot of attention and they will reward you with lots of love.

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