3 Simple Steps To Maintain The Condition of Your Cooking Tagines

If you are thinking of buying some cooking tagines for your kitchen to whip up some delicious Moroccan cuisine, then you might as well find out how to maintain and keep them in good condition. This is so that they will be able to last longer and that you can continue to cook tasty food. Check out the steps below.

New Moroccan Tagines

If your new Moroccan tagines have just arrived at your door step, you will need to season them a bit before using them to cook any dish. This is because they will usually have a clay like smell since they are made of either clay or ceramic. Now don’t be alarmed as you can get rid of the smell by seasoning the tagine in a few simple steps. Just soak the entire tagine in water for a whole day or you can leave it submerged in water over night. Following day, just remove all the water and dry it thoroughly. If your place is sunny and hot, you can leave the pot out to dry in the sun after rubbing it all over with some olive oil. Alternatively, just place them in the oven to bake for around 2 hours in 350 degrees Fahrenheit. When it cools down, remember to rub the base of the pot and the inside of the lid with some olive oil.

Before Cooking Anything

Make sure that you wipe the cooking tagines clean. Always ensure that before you cook anything on the pot that it will have some oil heated on it so that any meat or vegetables that you place won’t stick easily on to the base of the pot. This will prevent you from having to scrub or scrap the pot when you have to clean it. Whatever dish that you decide to cook, make sure that you have enough oil or stock to prevent the entire dish from dying out even though the lid will help to condense the steam back into moisture.

When You Need To Wash Up

In case you find food that is still stuck to the pot, the easiest way would be to either soak it in warm water overnight and then wash it the following day. If not, then just heat up the pot with hot water on the stove making sure that the water covers the parts where the food is stuck to it. Carefully wash and rinse off the entire pot making sure there are no food stains left on it. If you want to get rid of any leftover smell, just sun it.


These are just some easy steps to help you maintain the condition of your Moroccan tagines so that you can continue to have a good cooking experience with them. Enjoy the food!

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