11 recipes that turn winter squash into delicious and nutritious meals

Wintertime squash are starting up to ripen just about now. When drop rolls all around, they will be quickly and cheaply available in grocery suppliers as perfectly.

There are several kinds of winter squash, but you can swap most of them for one a different in many recipes (with textural exceptions, like for spaghetti squash). With that in head, right here are 11 recipes that use winter squash to just take complete gain of these wholesome gourds.

Wintertime squash fritters

Fritters make winter squash crispy and irresistible. These wintertime squash fritters can be seasoned with what ever you like, from cumin, garlic, chili powder, onions, shallots to taco seasoning or even curry powder. You can plop a little bitter cream on major if you like, or a sprinkle of cheese. You can even make them smaller sized to use as an appetizer.